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Ginny Rollins Natividad
My Own Family
More Visits to the USA
Florida and New York, September,2005
The Past is a Road No Winter Ever Touches
Winning a Trip to Europe with My Students
After the years,and after the tears, here we are!
My sister Bonny Lynn and my brother Peter
My Own Family
Bataan Death March's60th anniversary and our own way of remembering

Oliver sleeping on Grandpa Mike's seat
Charlie was supposed to watch him and he too, fell asleep.

Roland Rollins Natividad, 1 yr old
Luneta Park

Oliver's 2nd birthday

Roland's 6th birthday Kindergarten school
with Nanay (Grandmother)

Roland,7, with Nanay
Blessing of new car

Oliver,2, Roland,8

Roland,7, with Nanay,
Blessing of car
Antipolo Church
Oliver, 2,
and Roland,8,
Harrison Plaza
icecream parlor


Oliver visits Grandpa Mike Rollins
at the Philippine Village Hotel
where he was lodged before
going back to the states.
Grandpa Mike
 not feeling well
that Grandpa
couldn't carry
him around
like he used to.

Oliver, nearly 2
with Grandpa Mike


Blessing of the new Toyota, 1978. That's Roland, Nanay, and me with the unborn Oliver in my womb.

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