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Ginny Rollins Natividad
More Visits to the USA
Florida and New York, September,2005
The Past is a Road No Winter Ever Touches
Winning a Trip to Europe with My Students
After the years,and after the tears, here we are!
My sister Bonny Lynn and my brother Peter
My Own Family
Bataan Death March's60th anniversary and our own way of remembering


welcome to my home!

Found my sister and her family!
I had been searching for my half-sister for 3 years in the internet and I finally found her, thank God! Bonny Lynn Rollins Joplin, and she had two children, Alexis Ross and Shawn Ross who are all  grown-ups now.  I also met my half-brother, Peter Rollins in Florida when I finally was able to visit the USA last September,2005.  Meetimg my siblings  was a  moment of unbelievable miracle. I had been  waiting all my life to  the day I may meet them and now that I am 65 and pushing 66,  life has indeed become more exciting for me as it it had been when I was 26. 
Bonny Lynn, Peter and I are all children of Clayton Merle Rollins Jr., also known as "MIKE", who was a WWII army veteran assigned to the Philippines during the war. . 
From the Philippines, Ginny Rollins Natividad

I also met thru the internet a lot of cousins and second cousins on my father's side, and I have never thought I would have a huge family on the other side of the world. (my grandfather apparently came from a brood of 9 children)

Click here to see Rollins relatives I met through the internet


See more of my world?

Bonny Lynn now


The internet has proven to be instrumental in making my life more meaningful, because through it , I had been able to discover and meet relatives from all parts of the world. I am an American-Filipino who was a daughter of a veteran US army officer assigned here in the Philippines during WWII, and during my dad's lifetime, I hardly got to know his family. Now I know he's happier up there in heaven knowing I have met and traced a lot of relatives and my newly-found cousins from the USA are helping me search for my sister and brother, and in the process, I really am learning a lot about my roots. I feel I am a much better person now that I have started discovering my origins.


Peter Rollins
Bonny's brother and my half-brother

My brother Peter Michael Rollins passed away in June, 2008.


My one and only sister Bonny Lynn Rollins(mom of Shawn and Alexis Ross) in  1980's

Bonny Lynn and Ginny Meeting for the First Time in September, 2001.
Bagiuo City, Philippines

Bonny Lynn and Ginny Meeting for the First Time
In Baguio,Philippines

Clayton Merle Rollins Jr.
born in Melrose,Massachusetts