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Ginny Rollins Natividad
REVIEW POINTERS for my Third Year English Classes


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  1. Adjectives
  2. Adverbs
  3. Comparison
  4. Usage


Short Stories taken up:

  1. Rocking Horse Winner
  2. Rose for Emily
  3. The Lottery
  4. Araby
  5. The Cask of Amontillado

Literary terms:

  1. Denouement
  2. Suspension of disbelief
  3. Tragedy
  4. Mood
  5. Atmosphere
  6. Tone
  7. Anachronism
  8. Ending with a twist
  9. Conflict
  10. Foreshadowing
  11. Hanging ending
  12. Deus ex Machina
  13. Allusion
  14. Resolution
  15. Protagonist